by Dan Lorenzo

Brian "Head" Welch realized all his teenage dreams with the band Korn. Playing guitar for Korn earned him millions of dollars playing in front of crowds as large as 200,000 fans. He traveled the world, girls throwing themselves at Brian and the other members of Korn.  Korn won Grammy's and he and the band could seemingly have anything they want. But Head wasn't happy. He was addicted to meth and alcohol. His marriage was in shambles. Something was missing. So he quit drugs and the band after deciding to turn his life over to God. Some fans as well as other bands ridiculed him. Head could care less. With a New York Times best selling book, "Save Me From Myself" and his first solo CD entering the Billboard charts at #13, Brian must have SOMEBODY on his side. I spoke with Brian on a rainy Friday afternoon in Jersey. He sort of sounded like he was just waking up when I started the interview.

Dan Lorenzo - What has the typical Korn fan's reaction been to your conversion?

Head - They freaked out at first and now they get it. It's all good.

Dan Lorenzo - So, do you think your story has turned some people around to follow your path?

Head -  Yeah, I've seen a lot of people turned around. Some people, you know, just don't want nothing to do with it, but a lot of people have been turned around.

Dan Lorenzo - Do you miss anything about being in Korn?

Head - Nope. Nothing. Except playing live in front of fans, but I'll do that again one day.

Dan Lorenzo - What if the other members of Korn became born-again Christians? Could you go back and tour with them?

Head - Yeah totally. If we had the same... but I don't think about that at all.

Dan Lorenzo - Do you think some people are rooting for you to fail and hope that you'll go back to drugs?

Head - Maybe. Whatever.

Dan Lorenzo - Would you agree that somebody who lives a virtuous life, somebody who lives their WHOLE life the "right" way, makes a less compelling story as opposed to somebody like yourself who has a dark past?

Head - As far as what?

Dan Lorenzo - Is it kind of sad that a person's story holds less interest to people when there is no dark side?

Head - Well there's a lot of pain in the world and somebody who has a normal life, they can relate to people but to have an easy life isn't biblical. There's turmoil in this world. People go through crap in this life and they can relate to it if you tell them about your crap.

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