Italy's Argonauta Records have released; “We're excited to announce we have inked a deal with VESSEL OF LIGHT, formed by Dan Lorenzo (HADES, NON-FICTION, THE CURSED) and Nathan Opposition (ANCIENT VVISDOM).”

“For the last decade since I recorded The Cursed CD ( with Bobby Blitz from Overkill) I haven't really felt the desire to jam music with anybody. I've had offers to join a few bands, but I've always considered myself more of a songwriter than a "real" musician. I never wanted to join somebody else's band.  A few months ago that all changed when I heard the songs "The Opposition" and "Deathlike" by the band Ancient VVISDOM,” Lorenzo stated. 

Nathan Opposition said, "Lorenzo and I became friends due to my inability to not be susceptible to flattery . Turns out he's a really cool guy who writes awesome riffs too. Randomly one day I ask him about the band we are starting in joking fashion. I guess it was the right timing and the right person because we immediately agreed we should actually start a project . Before I knew it he was sending me CDs of riffs and I had lyrics flowing like a faucet. "

The track listing of songs recorded by the duo is:
Where My Garden Grows
Dead Flesh and Bone
Meant To Be
Descend Into Death
Vessel of Light
Living Dead To The World

With regards to the record deal, Lorenzo added: ”Although we conceded to the fact that signing to a label was improbable I sent music to one of my former record labels and an Italian label I found that I thought was right for us. Argonauta. When Gero from Argonauta replied I knew it was the right call. The right label. Somebody who knew and respected my past and Nathan's currency. I am so happy that thanks to Argonauta the world will soon here the magic Nathan and I have captured with Vessel Of Light.”

Release date - November 3, 2017. 

Lorenzo handled all guitars and bass on the recordings and Opposition played drums and sang all vocals. 

@VesselOfLightMusic on http://www.argonautarecords.com

In America VOL's CD with be distributed by COBRASIDE  http://cobraside.com/


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